Honor: 25th Entry

I crumpled the parchment in my hand, holding it tightly as I turned to the road again. I leaped onto Terek’s back, took a quick look at the parchment in my hand, and set off down the road again. The road I was looking for had a name I recognized; I must have seen it at some point as I searched for Pabed Street. Now I just had to remember where.
As I tried to retrace my path back through town, I began to wonder just who it was that was sending me traipsing through town like this. I had the feeling this was not a trap; Borgan’s methods were well-thought out, but not so complicated. The opposite was more likely to be true, that whoever was sending me around was working against Borgan, and the convoluted method used to direct me was merely to throw off any pursuers. From all I had seen and heard, Borgan’s influence was widespread, so any attempt to combat him would have to be done with the utmost caution.
The attitude of the guard who admitted me into the city seemed to support this theory. Had he been an agent of Borgan it would have been much more practical to have eliminated me before I got loose in town. Instead I was left free to roam, and he even risked the chance that I would not listen to him and allow word to reach Borgan where I was. I was certain he was not one of Borgan’s men.
As I searched for the road, I realized there was not feeling any magical presence at all. Whoever had been pursuing me certainly had not been able to keep up, and now he had likely given up on pursuing me. That did mean that Borgan would know soon that I was in town and free, but he would not know where I was, and that was all that mattered.
I found Dal street quickly enough. Once again I found myself in a residential zone, making me wonder if I would only find another address for me here. This street, however, was an improvement over Pabed. Here, while the homes lining the road may not have been extravagant, they were nice-looking and well-kept. It appeared that here, unlike before, the place was not abandoned and occupied by the more competent of society
I moved quickly down the road to house number seven. Again I dismounted and ran to the door, using the brass knocker to pound on the door just once. If there had been another slip of parchment I would’ve dislodged it with that, but nothing came out. I reached to the door to knock again when it suddenly swung open.

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